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On May, 19-22 “Europe shall be filled with the Glory of God” conference took place at Victory Christian Church.

Key speakers of the conference were Pastor Henry Madava/Senior Pastor of Victory Christian Church, Pastor Tommy Barnett/Senior Pastor of the “First Assembly of God” church in Fenix, Pastor Randy Clark/Founder of Global Awakening international ministry.

Happy New Year my beloved and dear friends!

May God give you strength, ability and wisdom to build in the New Year! To build yourself, your relationship with God and with people! Put great effort to build in order to achieve your dreams and life destiny! Building your talents, gifts and skills will help you reach new heights!

Happy 2016 everyone!

Pastor Henry Madava



'Glory Filled Pakistan' All Pakistani Conference that will bring together leaders of all Christian denominations in Pakistan

July 14-17, 2015 Islamabad, Pakistan

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christopher-alamOn the 12th of January 2014 very famous evangelist Christoper Alam preached at both Sunday services in Victory church. He was born in the Middle East in an Arab Hashemite family being a direct descendant of Mohammed, the founder of Islam. His father was a general in the army. Later Alam also served in the army and achieved the officer rank. Until the age of 21 he had never met any Christian believer, never had seen a Bible and he didn’t know anything about the Lord Jesus Christ. In December 1975 he heard about Lord Jesus Christ from a British man who distributed Christian tracts on the street. Christopher gave his heart to Jesus and immediately suffered very serious persecution. At first he was put to psychiatric hospital, than he was arrested for several times and ultimately he was put to a jail for one year. After his release from the jail he was often pushed to reject his faith in Jesus but he refused to reject Christ.

v_0035The Victory Church is a place for the whole family! God made everyone who has gathered in this hall today in the name of the Lord one people, so you can greet each other "My dear brother, dear sister," with these words of the anchorman the evening service of the conference dedicated the 20th anniversary of the Victory Church began. "Christ has risen! God is alive! Glory to Jehovah!" these words have become the main theme of worship in the evening. Soloists, a large consolidated choir of the Victory Churches, musicians, dance troupes, actors of the theatre of shadows, and all those present praised the Great Creator with their talents. He brought the precious sacrifice of His blood that saved and changed our lives and the lives of many people on earth. In the concert program the Twice Born duet and Olga Kramarenko presented their vocal compositions "I so wanted" and "King of heaven and earth."

u_00028Christ has risen! Truly he is risen!

Morning Ester service on Sunday, the 5th of May, on the conference, dedicated to the 20th anniversary of Victory church began with anointed and dynamic worship of youth praise and worship team. Believers sang with all their hearts in reverence: «Surround me with yourself, God my lover», «Let everybody know, love came and overcame!», «Lord, you reign over everything, you are close and in the whole universe everything is at your feet…» Believers sang being satiated with God, his glory and his presence.

v_00019The conference dedicated to the 20th anniversary of Victory Christian church goes on. The main speaker on Saturday night service, on the 4th of May was Benny Hinn. He began his sermon from the message about repentance and eternal life. «Don`t play games with your eternity», - plead the preacher.


On May 4, 2013, on Easter Eve, a holiday performance for children took place in the Victory Church. This was a truly amazing holiday because kids from all over Kiev were invited. Together with parents and grandparents kids arrived from different ends of the city to the holiday dedicated to Easter.

All of them were gratefully met by the ministers of Planet D. Before the performance children were watching interesting and cognitive cartoons on big screens.

f20y_2_utro_1"Today is the special day, because the Lord has made it!" – these were the first words heard by believers who came to the morning Saturday service at the conference "All the earth will be filled with the glory of God". The praise of singers, glorifying God filled all the building. Even technical problem couldn’t diminish this joy, for electricity was turned off and equipment wasn’t working for a while. It hasn’t spoiled the joyful mood of believers as they continued to sing even without music. Trumpeters came forward and replaced the whole orchestra. People in the auditorium came forward as well as they sang and danced in a ring. The atmosphere of joy filled the whole building.

f20y_1_vech_1God loves our city. Indeed, the preachers most famous in the world come to the Ukrainian capital. Dr. Bob Rodgers is one of them. On May 3 he preached at the evening service of the conference dedicated the 20th anniversary of the Victory Church in Kiev. Even before the service began, all those present in the hall had stood up to thank God for being in charge of everything going on: without Him the holiday would not have happened.

f20y_1_den_1The conference dedicated to the 20-year anniversary of the Victory Christian Church "And the whole earth will be filled with the glory of God" continues! The afternoon service on Friday, May 3, began with a rhetorical question of the anchorman: "Where does God live?" The answer was "In heaven, in our heart, and in the praise of his people," and the choir responded with the song "I will glorify, will lift You up for the heavenly glory." The show-ballet Narnia demonstrated the diversity of its stylistic skills, having danced the Ukrainian gopak. Nikolai Solovei and Roman Vaschuk presented their vocal performances.

f20y_1_utro_1For a man twenty years is the age when he is full of energy and ideas and, at the same time, there are fruits from his staying on earth. What are twenty years for the Victory Church? They are achievements and new goals. The main thing among them is "And the whole earth be filled with the glory of God." It is a dream of every Christian. It is a vision that the Lord gave to the senior pastor of the Victory Church Henry Madava and a challenge for all the parishioners and ministers. The conference dedicated to the 20th anniversary of the Victory Church, which has opened in Kiev on May 3, is being held under this slogan.

The festive atmosphere prevails not only in the hall but also beyond. The banner "Come and receive your miracle!" at the entrance invites you to the place of impossible and supernatural, where God's presence will change someone's life, heal, and fill the life with meaning... We believe that God has prepared something amazing to us!

foto_9_12_den_1The Sunday afternoon service of the Time for Miracles conference began with a prayer and worship to God. "Get up and praise Him with us, if you love Him, shout praises again!" the youth worship team inspired the hall.

The concert program included many interesting numbers. Singer Shaniz, a participant of the Country's Voice show, sang the song "I fly to you." A brother from Africa performed a drum solo. A young dancer Daniel Melnik performed the break-dance and earned a lot of applause. The theater and dance ministry of the Victory Church showed an excerpt from the "Dream" musical.

foto_9_12_utro_1"I'm here to pass to you everything God has given to me in all the years of my ministry. I wish to take the best and most valuable things from my life and to sow them in your life. It is because God does the same. When you give God the best, you have the right to ask for the best from Him. Never give to God anything that cost nothing to you. Always take your best and sow. God will use your gift for His glory..." brother Richard Roberts shared this message with love from the depths of his heart on his concluding service at the Time for Miracles conference on Sunday morning, December 9.

foto_8_12_vecher_1On Saturday, December 8, so many people came to the evening service at the Victory Church conference "Time for Miracles" that there was a need to put additional rows. "The blind will see, the lame will walk, the dead will live, and You are God forever You will reign," these words from one of the worship songs became a symbol of that remarkable service.

Children's choir sang first, then Lyudmila Petrusenko and the Narnia ballet performed their composition. A theatrical performance about the sacrifice of Jesus demonstrated how easily one can take off the black clothes of sin and walk in victor's white clothes, if he believes to the Lord.

foto_8_12_seminar_1Daytime program of the Time for Miracles conference featured topical workshops. One of them was called "Response of Victory Churches to the problem of alcoholism, drug addiction, and HIV in Ukraine." The meeting was held by the leader of the Samaritan ministry Sergei Dovzhenko, psychologist Vladimir Sirko, and HIV / AIDS prevention specialist Tatiana Lukianiuk.

Sergei Dovzhenko reminded that the mission of the ministry is to reach addicts with the Gospel. He also shared pastor Henry's vision for the year 2013 with the motto "Ukraine without drugs."

Next Vladimir Sirko spoke with taking into account the specifics of the ministry and held a training session on working with drug and alcohol addicted people. He suggested to consider two topics relevant to the ministry: "The formation and dynamics of the group development" and "Counselling and its peculiarities."

foto_8_12_utro_1On Saturday morning, December 8, the hall was filled with the people hungry for God. The worship team from the Odessa Victory Church led people into God's presence with praise and psalms. The Spirit of God soared in the atmosphere and made a miraculous work with the hearts of brothers and sisters!

A number of different genres were presented to the guests of the conference: music performed by the Blest group, dance performed by the Narnia ballet, and children's theater production by the theatrical ministry Impulse.

foto_7_12_vecher_1"Glory to God in the highest, on earth peace, good will toward men," these words from the Gospel of Luke best reflect all that was happening on the Friday evening service at the Time for Miracles conference.

The Born Twice duet performed the song "Miracles Happen." After the JC Dance composition performed in modern style, the audience saw a pantomime showing the power of Jesus healing the sick, casting out the demons, raising the dead, and cleansing the lepers. Pastor Nikolay Slivka from Novoazovsk told about how one can receive miracles in the financial sphere.

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