foto_7_12_vecher_1"Glory to God in the highest, on earth peace, good will toward men," these words from the Gospel of Luke best reflect all that was happening on the Friday evening service at the Time for Miracles conference.

The Born Twice duet performed the song "Miracles Happen." After the JC Dance composition performed in modern style, the audience saw a pantomime showing the power of Jesus healing the sick, casting out the demons, raising the dead, and cleansing the lepers. Pastor Nikolay Slivka from Novoazovsk told about how one can receive miracles in the financial sphere.

A video about the Jesus Festival in India hold by the senior pastor of the Victory Church Henry Madava brought everyone to Mumbai, the most densely populated city in India. In three days about a hundred thousand people attended the festival. Jesus touched people by healing and transforming them.

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foto_7_12_vecher_4Finally, evangelist Tim Storey came on the scene. He said he loved pastor Henry Madava because he believes in miracles. Tim Storey grew up in Los Angeles in a very poor family with many children. His house was very small, and his mentality was also very small. After he got to know God, Tim Storey changed his mindset. "When I first went to the Eiffel Tower," Tim told, "my smile was the widest in the world. How I wished to see my teacher at that moment who once told me that I would never see any of the European sites. But I always knew that for God nothing is impossible."

foto_7_12_vecher_5God called Tim Storey to Hollywood, where he serves to movie stars who come to him for the spiritual help. "God made me creative. And He can make creative all of you. When we tell more about God's miracles to people, they tell about them to their children, and those to their children. In this way the mentality of miracles is being formed."

Tim Storey invited those who want God to restore their dreams to come in front. The third part of the audience went to the scene. During the prayer there was a strong presence of the Holy Spirit.

We give praise and glory to Our Lord for all!

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